Featured Speaker: Noel Coleman

Featured Speaker: Noel Coleman

Having worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen how fractured the systems are. I’ve seen firsthand how insane of an impact this has on our entire country and us as a people. Frustrating experiences for patients, avoidable errors that cause harm and physicians burning out from the load put on them are putting cracks in the healthcare system which will break open eventually.

Technology has done wonders in healthcare, but it’s also added to the problem with poor design, manual processes and a lack of interoperability. This is why I fell in love with the Medical Brain and joined the team at healthPrecision.

By combining natural language understanding, emotional AI and evidence-based medicine best practices, we’re changing how care is delivered and experienced. Physicians are able to more effectively and efficiently care for their patients – especially the complex, chronic condition patients that need the most help. Patients can receive care remotely that feels “human” from an intelligence that knows how and when to engage them as well as escalate their needs. Health records are updated and physicians can focus on the situations which require their level of skill while still having the help of an interconnected AI.

We’re on a mission to help providers and healthcare organizations provide seamless, effective care to their patients leveraging the very best of what technology was meant to be along with the best clinical research in the world.

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