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Corporate Governance for CISOs: Asset Management

This session will focus on some fundamental concerns that an organization must address to support an effective information security program. How do you identify asset owners? What are examples of effective classification strategies? What type of inventory do you maintain to manage your asset information? What relationship do asset management and change management share?

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Corporate Governance for CISOs: Board Presentations

This session focuses on reporting the right metrics to the right people. What metrics should the CISO collect? Where do these metrics exist? What are the best ways to present this information to the board of directors and other organizational leaders?

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Corporate Governance for CISOs: Business Continuity Management

This session focuses on the most important concerns related to business continuity management. CISO isn’t always the leader of an organization’s business resilience efforts, but the CISO offers significant influence to ensure an effective program that support business impact analysis, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery for an organization’s critical information assets.

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Corporate Governance for CISOs: Leadership: Beyond Security Technology

Technical expertise is a critical component of security leadership; however, the modern CISO must possess a myriad of fundamental business to run a successful program. This session will focus on non-technical areas in which the CISCO should be competent and communicate effectively: strategic planning, financial management, contracting, and vendor management.

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