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Great Bay Software’s Beacon suite provides advanced endpoint security and supports a full spectrum of your network initiatives. Beacon helps you identify every endpoint attached to your network, monitor behavior in real-time and enforce access control on your network. Take back control of your network today.

Beacon Endpoint Profiler

Beacon Endpoint Profiler solves the lack of endpoint visibility that keeps organizations from fully securing their network. It enables you to confidently protect and manage your network endpoints providing you with a warehouse of context: what each endpoint is, where each endpoint is located and how each endpoint is behaving.

Beacon for Authentication

Beacon for Authentication provides a simpler approach for deploying network-based authentication that doesn’t compromise security. Unlike traditional approaches, it does not require intensive supplicants or client software. Our architecture includes a centrally managed RADIUS engine, a fully distributed and replicated authentication database, functionality for onboarding devices, and simple third-party integration.


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