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  • COVID-19 and the Current Cyberthreat Landscape in India April 14, 2021
    It’s been over a year since the first COVID-19 death was reported in the state of Karnataka, India, in March 2020. With concerns of high mortality rates from the global pandemic, the government of India announced strict lockdowns to implement isolation, social distancing, and contact tracing. In November 2020, the country saw COVID cases plummeting, […]
  • NSA Alerts About Four Critical Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Servers April 14, 2021
    The National Security Agency (NSA) informed Microsoft about four critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to compromise Microsoft Exchange Servers remotely. The vulnerabilities CVE-2021-28480, CVE-2021-28481, CVE-2021-28482, and CVE-2021-28483 are present in 2013, 2016, and 2019 versions of the Exchange Server. If exploited successfully, the vulnerabilities could allow threat actors to perform remote code execution on targeted systems. […]
  • Global Median Dwell Time Drops Below One Month: FireEye Report April 14, 2021
    Global Median Dwell Time (defined as the duration between the start of a cyber intrusion and when it is identified) has been reducing over the past decade. For the first time, it has dropped below one month. Today, organizations are independently detecting most of their incidents. In fact, internal incident detection rose to 59% in […]
  • India’s Data Breach Saga Continues; Country’s Second Largest Stockbroker, Upstox, Hit! April 13, 2021
    The dust of the MobiKwik data breach was just beginning to settle as another data breach takes center stage. This time it is India’s second-largest stockbroker, Upstox. Out of the total user base of nearly three million users, reportedly two and a half million were affected in the alleged data breach. Indian security researcher Rajshekhar […]
  • U.K. NCSC Urges Brits to Avoid Pet’s Names as Passwords April 12, 2021
    One cannot ignore the importance of a strong password while improving security online. Using hard-to-guess passwords or passphrases provide optimum security to your devices and online accounts. However, despite several security awareness programs, users fail to form strong passwords, leaving their online security at risk. Recently, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the U.K. […]
  • Another Israeli Cyber Sabotage Attempt on Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility? April 12, 2021
    On April 11, 2021, Iran’s Natanz nuclear power plant reportedly faced yet another “sabotage” attempt when a fire caused by an explosion severely damaged the main uranium enrichment facility. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran’s (AEOI) spokesman, Behrouz Kamalvandi, initially reported that the incident was a result of an “accident” in the nuclear facility’s electricity […]
  • Over 45 Mn Egyptians Affected in Recent Facebook Data Leak April 12, 2021
    A few days back, security researcher Alon Gal revealed that the personal details of nearly 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries were allegedly exposed and kept on the dark web market for free. The leaked details included users’ sensitive data including full names, gender, occupation, marital and relationship status, date of joining, and place of work. However, a […]
  • Hackers Taste the Bitterness of Their Medicine; Darknet Marketplace Swarmshop Hacked April 9, 2021
    “Karma” is defined as “What goes around, comes around.” When Karma is at play, there is no need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. And if one is lucky, they might be able to witness Karma take its course. That day is here! Believe it or not, but a group of cybercriminals, who go […]
  • Cybercrime Group Lazarus Upgrades its Arsenal with Vyveva Malware April 9, 2021
    Cybersecurity researchers from ESET have discovered a new backdoor malware deployed by the scandalous Lazarus hacking group to target freight and logistic organizations in South Africa. Dubbed Vyveva, the malware is capable of performing certain backdoor functionalities like exfiltrating files, harvesting information from an infected system, and running arbitrary code by remotely connecting to a […]
  • Most Phishing Emails Originate from Eastern Europe: Barracuda April 8, 2021
    Phishing attacks remain a severe threat to small and large organizations globally. It is the most common and popular technique for cybercriminals to pilfer user credentials, commit fraud schemes, and spread malware. A Juvenile form of attack Phishing attacks may seem like a low-level cybercrime, but they are well-orchestrated and capable of exploiting a large […]