Nitin Kanade

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GCF Placeholder - Nitin Kanade
[H4]Nitin Kanade[/H4]

Nitin is a subject matter expert in cyber security, brings 25 years of Industry experience in Internet, network engineering and operational experience from leading corporations including AGC Networks, Godrej and Philips.

As a founder of Highband and vice president of Information Security and GRC, Nitin has been pioneer in developing innovative technologies to meet challenges related to Information Security and compliance requirements of commercial enterprises. He has implemented Information security and compliance solutions for Fortune 100 clients globally. Prior to Highband, Nitin has worked at various positions in Philips, Godrej, Aegis/AGC Networks. He has worked at various positions and matured as technology and security professional.

[H5]Nitin Kanade, C|CISO, CISSP, CISM, CRISC[/H5] [/highlight]