Ken Pfeil

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[H4]Ken Pfeil[/H4]

Ken Pfeil is the CISO at Pioneer Investments responsible for global security operations and compliance. He is a seasoned CSO and IT veteran with experience spanning over two decades with companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Avaya, Identix, and Merrill Lynch.

In 1998, he founded “The NT Toolbox” and oversaw all operations until its acquisition by GFI Software in 2002.

Ken served as a technical contributor and subject matter expert for CompTIA’s Security+ certification, ISSA’s International Privacy Advisory Board covering GLBA, and Microsoft’s MCSE Exam and course curriculum “Designing Security for Windows 2000”.

He also contributed vulnerability analysis content at Windows and .Net Magazine’s “Security Administrator” publication. He is the coauthor of the books “Hack Proofing Your Network – 2nd Edition”, “Stealing the Network – How to Own the Box”, and a contributing author of “Security Planning and Disaster Recovery” ,”Network Security – the Complete Reference” and “Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch” and Microsoft’s “Best Practices for Enterprise Security” whitepaper series.


[H5]Ken Pfeil
CISO at Pioneer Investments[/H5] [/highlight]