Chuck Deaton

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Chuck Deaton - Chuck Deaton

[H4]Chuck Deaton[/H4]

Chuck Deaton is the Director of Enterprise Information Security (EIS) for Humana Inc. and has been with the company for over 13 years. The EIS program is focused on information protection policies, standards, training and awareness; governance and compliance; assurance; technical security infrastructure architecture; security solutions and technology ownership; risk management; threat and vulnerability management; application and SDLC security; vendor security due diligence; and customer contract security due diligence.

Prior to Humana, Deaton held director-level positions in areas of technology and engineering. Deaton’s background is in data network design, electrical and industrial controls engineering, radio frequency data communications, building automation controls and internet protocol convergence of a variety disparate communication protocols and systems. As an entrepreneur, he and three colleagues established, owned, designed and operated a regional commercial Wireless Internet Service Provider that delivered high bandwidth internet service to businesses leveraging microwave wireless technologies based upon IEEE 802.16x and IEEE 802.20x standards-based technologies.

[H5]Chuck Deaton
Director, Deputy CISO, Enterprise Information Protection at Humana[/H5] [/highlight]