CISO Forum Canada 2020 Speakers

Below you will find our first round of speakers for the 2020 CISO Forum Canada.
Make sure to check back regulary as we will be adding more speakers leading up to the event!

Jason Keirstead - Speakers

Jason Keirstead

Nicole Brouillard - Speakers

Nicole Brouillard

Alkin Gorgun - Speakers

Alkin Gorgun

Nicolas Khoubbieh - Speakers

Nicolas Khoubbieh

Bil Harmer - Speakers

Bil Harmer

Michael Ball web - Speakers

Michael Ball

David Craig - Speakers

David Craig

Chetan Raithatha - Speakers

Chetan Raithatha

Adriana Gliga Belavic - Speakers

Adriana Gliga-Belavic

Cat Coode - Speakers

Cat Coode

Kashif Parvaiz web - Speakers

Kashif Parvaiz

Danny Sutantyo web - Speakers

Danny Sutantyo

Maggie Calle web - Speakers

Maggie Calle

Farooq Naiyer web - Speakers

Farooq Naiyer

Michael Castro web - Speakers

Michael Castro

Eric ONeill - Speakers

Eric O’Neill

Ali Hirji web - Speakers

Ali Hirji

Nabil Zoldjalali - Speakers

Nabil Zoldjalali

Samer Adi web - Speakers

Samer Adi

Sandra Liepkalns web - Speakers

Sandra Liepkalns

Austin Murphy - Speakers

Austin Murphy

Jason Rebholz - Speakers

Jason Rebholz

Bernard Rega - Speakers

Bernard Rega

Adam Cottini - Speakers

Adam Cottini

Andrew Vezina web - Speakers

Andrew Vezina

Aniket Bhardwaj web - Speakers

Aniket Bhardwaj

Shlomo Bielak web - Speakers

Shlomo Bielak

Daniel Pinsky web - Speakers

Daniel Pinsky

Juan Araya - Speakers

Juan Araya

Mahdi Raza - Speakers

Mahdi Raza

Ali Mohamed - Speakers

Ali Mohamed

Kashif Parvaiz web - Speakers

Kashif Parvaiz

Mayor Shaun Collier - Speakers

Mayor Shaun Collier

Medha Saraiya - Speakers

Medha Saraiya

Rob Davidson web - Speakers

Rob Davidson

Scott Currie web - Speakers

Scott Currie

Rukmani Ramasubbaralyalu - Speakers

Rukmani Ramasubbaralyalu

Ruba Alomari - Speakers

Ruba Alomari

Sukhwant Sagar - Speakers

Sukhwant Sagar

Danny Aniag - Speakers

Danny Aniag

John Roberts - Speakers

John Roberts

Vanessa Henri - Speakers

Vanessa Henri

Mohsen Azari - Speakers

Mohsen Azari

Serge Bertini web - Speakers

Serge Bertini

Sunny Jassal web - Speakers

Sunny Jassal

Olivera Zatezalo web - Speakers

Olivera Zatezalo

Ali Shahidi - Speakers

Ali Shahidi

Heather MacLean web - Speakers

Heather MacLean

Hugh Burley web - Speakers

Hugh Burley

Namir Anani - Speakers

Namir Anani

Carlos Chalico - Speakers

Carlos Chalico

John Pinard web - Speakers

John Pinard

Mike Melo web - Speakers

Mike Melo

Helen Oakley - Speakers

Helen Oakley

Nicole Anderson - Speakers

Nicole Anderson

Sherry Rumbolt web - Speakers

Sherry Rumbolt

Victoria Granova - Speakers

Victoria Granova

John Leva  - Speakers

John Levay

Luc Roy - Speakers

Luc Roy