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    Global Reach

    EC-Council’s CISO Program has over 2,000 participants from across industries and around the world. From our groundbreaking Certified CISO (C|CISO) Program to our high-level, exclusive events, EC-Council CISOs come from around the world, including Hong Kong, Egypt, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Canada, the Philippines, Ghana, Sri Lanka, China, Zambia, Nigeria, the UAE, Switzerland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and all across the United States.

    Past speakers include Erick Rudiak, CISO of Express Scripts; Gary Harbison, CISO of Monsanto; Karthik Swarnam, CISO of Trans Union; Amar Singh, CISO of News International; Curtis Levinson, US Cyber Defense Liaison to NATO; Erin Owens, CISO of Maxim Healthcare; Illyas Kooliyankal, CISO of Abu Dhabi Security Exchange; and many others.

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    Attendee Feedback

    Attendee Feedback from previous EC-Council CISO Events:
    • “Excellent insight into an alternate definition on risk and how to answer the question “Are we secure?”
    • “A great combination of solid theory and actionable guidance.”
    • A discussion of maturity rarely reaches that level of depth and practical application.
    • “ … I got a great idea during the panel discussion for an IP awareness campaign.”
    • “That’s why I come to these things…smart people with great angles on who to improve security incrementally.”
    • “… differing views are best made available in conferences such as the EC-Council CISO Summit. Within these venues, lively discussions explore topics that are of interest to all security managers.
    • “EC Council’s CISO Summit is an excellent opportunity to interface with not only some of the largest organizations, but also the smaller ones as well.”
    • “It was a truly wonderful event. It’s very healthy for information security executives and professionals to get together to share what’s working in their own organization for the betterment of other organizations as well.”
    • “ … very well organized with a good mix of talent from diverse industries. The topics were excellent and targeted to the need of the industry today.”
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    Who Should Attend

    Due to the nature of the discussions that will take place, this will be a closed-door event open only to senior information security executives (Director level and above). Please do not register for this event if you are not an information security executive.

    For questions about your eligibility to attend, please contact

    Eligible executives can click here to register: Global CISO Forum 2017.

The CCISO Program is EC-Council’s groundbreaking executive certification. Anyone interested in earning this certification can take live training and the exam at the Summit.

Knowledge transfer and exchange has always been a challenge for organizations. Our intent for this exclusive and high-level event is distinctively clear – it is to create a platform to facilitate effective knowledge exchange, where the latest information security threats and land scape evolution are being discussed and debated.

Jay Bavisi, President | EC- Council