Certified CISO students have a lot to say about their experiences in the CCISO class as well as how earning the knowledge as well as the certification has impacted their careers.

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Luis Brown

I took live, in-person training and found it be an excellent course! I believe I will use the C|CISO Body of Knowledge throughout my career. As my training class was held at the Albuquerque World Headquarters, the facility was nice and peaceful. I am very good at reading and interpreting material, so the questions on the exam were at a pretty good level for leadership level individuals. I felt the C|CISO program was a bit more difficult than the CISSP and it is also much better suited to Information Security Leadership than the CISSP. After taking the training, I was able to come back and have a good starting point for several security initiatives as well as a review of procedures and program elements. It has helped me improve my security program by allowing me to focus on Risk Management to a greater degree.

Luis BrownCommunity College of New Mexico, CISO
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Bill Steiner

I took live, in-person training and read the C|CISO Body of Knowledge thoroughly to prepare for the exam. The BOK is a resource I will use throughout my career. I had a wonderful instructor and enjoyed the training. As with all these type exams, there is a lot of material to study and you can never know what, if anything, to concentrate on. I thought the exam was fair and didn’t perceive any of the questions to be tricky. I am a CISSP. The C|CISO program was the next logical step for me as it concentrated a bit more on governance. As an executive manager, this is what I wanted to learn more about. CISSP was broader (material & test) than the C|CISO. The knowledge gained in the C|CISO program has helped me set strategic direction for my department. C|CISO helped me think more about oversight and governance, the next big step after putting controls in place.

Bill SteinerCity of Huntsville, AL, IT Director
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Ehsan Choudhury

I took live, in-person training and I read the CCISO Body of Knowledge thoroughly to prepare for the exam. The CCISO BoK is an outstanding resource that I refer to regularly. The CCISO training program is an exceptional platform for a deep dive into the CISO world as well as a powerful opportunity to network and collaborate with experienced peers. I found the exam somewhat difficult. The questions require you to draw from training and real-world experiences, testing your whole CISO skills. The CCISO program brings technical and management experience and skills together. I was promoted. I have developed better skills to elevate policies, management, and the technical aspects of information security to C-suite and the entire organization, and more effectively drive security to the forefront of everyday operations and behaviors.

Ehsan ChoudhuryZaxby's Franchising LLC, Sr. Director of IT Operations & Security
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Chad Hoggard

I took online training (iLearn) and I read the CCISO Body of Knowledge thoroughly to prepare for the exam. The BOK is very good material. I still use it as a great place for reference. I found the exam somewhat difficult. There is just a lot of material in many different areas. As one might expect, the areas where I had plenty of experience were not difficult, while the newer areas were more difficult. I think it was an appropriate level of difficulty. For the level of position that this certifies, I think that CCISO is great. I think each program has their area of focus and fit a certain need. From a CISO knowledge perspective, I think the CCISO is perfect. I also have the CISM certification and I think the CCISO is appropriately higher in terms of oversight and management level. I haven’t changed jobs, but I feel that I’m more comfortable with the higher level aspects of my role due to information that I got in the CCISO training process. I find the material has been helpful at maturing our InfoSec program. Improvements to governance, oversight, and strategy creation have been the main areas of improvement. I have also used some of the material to help me present InfoSec concepts to our Board of Directors.

Chad HoggardSeattle Cancer Care Alliance, Manager, Information Security Architecture
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Luis O Noguerol

I read the C|CISO Body of Knowledge thoroughly to study for the exam. In addition to the reading, I dedicated a lot of time to better understand the logic behind the topics related to the C|CISO BOK. The C|CISO BOK includes great material that provides a general overview of past, current, and future issues in information security as well as main objectives to keep in mind while considering an information security approach. It is definitely a resource that I will use throughout my career.

Nowadays when the developing of newest information technologies are more intrusive and we become more technological dependent, complex exams measuring skills and knowledge are needed to ensure not only compliance but also to minimize information security breaches and the C|CISO exam was difficult. I do believe this degree of complexity is needed when it comes to information security. EC-Council is worldwide recognized for creating a set of security certifications oriented to bring best practices to the information security industry.

As a pioneer, EC-Council definitely recognized the great need for well-prepared information security experts to face the ongoing problems related to this fascinating certification in the 21st century. The C|CISO training program helped me perform my job better in that I learned new concepts that lead in the application of better security practices. The content of the program has helped me improve my security program in many ways. As Information System Security Officer for the US Department of Commerce, NOAA Fisheries South East Region, I have been able to successfully apply and combine the topics covered in the C|CISO program into daily practices, and as a President & CEO of Advance Division of Informatics and Technology, Inc., I benefit from the program in conveying best practices with practical results to our clients.

Luis O NoguerolUS Department of Commerce - NOAA - Federal Government, Information System Security Officer

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