Certified CISO students have a lot to say about their experiences in the CCISO class as well as how earning the knowledge as well as the certification has impacted their careers.

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John Leahy

The content from the course will be used to write my strategic plan to reorg my current role and program at my employer. It aligns well with my current goals and position. The instructor was outstanding! There was so much food it was easy to continue to learn because we weren’t always hungry. I really liked some of the real-world examples brought to the course. Additionally, having the class as a smaller size made it much easier to communicate with each other, network and be able to provide our experiences in our current positions and how those relate to the role of the CISO.

John LeahyInformation Security Officer, First Federal
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Jeff Smith

The content related to ISO27000 and other standards relates to my current job role. My next career goal is to attain the title of CISO. The content in the program give me a much better industry view. My favorite parts of the program were Keyaan and the CISO BOK.

Jeff SmithDirector of Information Security and Governance, Direct Energy
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Mark Chequer

The CCISO program content was very helpful in making me more rounded. My next career goal is to implement what I have learned. The program helps me become more aware of security issues and how to address. The best parts of the class were the teacher (Keeyan) and the students were also very knowledgeable.

Mark ChequerCIO, CSE Insurance
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Luis Brown

The content of the CCISO program will help in performing our risk assessments as well as moving our current security program towards an actual framework such as Nist-800. I am interested attaining an actual CISO title somewhere before retirement, as well as teaching more. Currently, I hold most of the responsibilities and duties of a CISO without the actual title (Mr. Brown was promoted to CISO shortly after passing the CCISO exam). I would also like to continue teaching in both the professional and academic settings part-time and into retirement. I intend to pursue ENSA, C|EH and C|hFI certifications in the near future. The small and intimate size of the class allowing for a large amount of interaction with class members and the instructor were the best parts of the class.

Luis BrownCISO, Central New Mexico Community College
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Bryan Ard

The primary take away for me was the affirmation of the importance of having a robust risk based approach to cyber security. My career goal is to continue to champion the alignment of technology and security strategies with business objectives acting in the role of the CISO. The program validates the positions that I’ve been championing for the last decade. It wasn’t so much as new content, but a great opportunity to spend time focused on the exploration and discussion of the topic writ large. The instructor was fantastic! And the course book is quite robust!

Bryan ArdCISO, CISO4Rent
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Marcelo Peredo

The CCISO program is 100% in alignment as the CISO of a large organization. My career goal is to become a Fortune 50 CISO. The program provides credibility with a set gold standard. Every chance I get I will promote the EC-Council. The best part of the class was the comprehensive view of security.

Marcelo PeredoCISO, HPE
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Cary Pool

The CCISO Program helped fill in some process gaps and give me good process checklists to ensure steps aren’t missed. It also helps to understand how the rest of the standards operate and measure up. My career goal is to become a Director or PM position over projects related to technology and security. I’m very DoD experienced and this helped me gain knowledge of other standards used in the market. The best part of the class was the exposure to other security standards and PMP. The teacher understood the material well, and engaged the students.

Cary PoolTechnicore Engineering
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Taneka Perry

The information covered in the course provided me with deeper insight on a few ISOs that I needed refreshing on to do my job professionally. My goal is to achieve CISO within the next 14 days and seek a higher challenging position to strengthen compliancy within the DoD structure. I am an Information Technology Specialist with a high concentration in ISSP, auditing, and policies. Because of the quality of instructions, I have signed up 3 of my co-workers to attend CEH in Atlanta this upcoming September. My favorite parts of the class were Domains 1, 2, and 3.

Taneka PerryInformation Technology Specialist, Department of Defense
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Greg Jackson

The content in the CCISO Program directly relates to my daily duties and helps me progress towards meeting my career goals. The best parts were the experiences of the instructor and other classmates!

Greg JacksonSr. Cybersecurity Analyst, Dynetics
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Derek Smith

I feel that all the materials for the course are excellent. I also liked the instructor very much. I truly believe that what is in the CCISO Body of Knowledge (CBK) is very valuable to a CISO and this was ever more evident when I attended the summit and heard the speakers almost quote many of the things that were in the CBK. I found that a great positive because they do it in their daily lives. I feel that the information in the CBK will truly prepare me for a role as a CISO, which is my career goal. Again, the content is very good.

Derek SmithDirector of Cybersecurity Initiatives, National Cyber Security Inst. at Excelsior College

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