Certified CISO students have a lot to say about their experiences in the CCISO class as well as how earning the knowledge as well as the certification has impacted their careers.

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Lars Hviid

Real life experience combined with the classroom teaching did the trick for me (to pass the exam). As such you can’t memorize the entire CBK and will have to rely on your knowledge base. Bear in mind that you only have 4 hours for the test and in order to successfully complete the 250 questions, you will have to know the answer to the majority of the questions without thinking. I expected the exam to be hard because parts of it is CISSP level, some parts are CISM/CISSP-ISSMP level combined with the security program management part which is core C|CISO BOK and with only four hours and 250 questions, there wouldn’t be time for second thoughts on the answers. Therefore, when preparing, it was difficult because you could answer all questions when training, however, would you be able to do so during the test, under time pressure, and where you had to rely on your judgement and avoid second thoughts on the answers. However, the difficulty level of the questions was perfect, it was the time pressure and that you are forced to rely on your first answer that made it difficult. I believe that it was a perfect test as this is often how the CISO have to deal with questions during work hours. When the company experiences a security incident, a disaster, or a cyber attack, the CISO has to make decisions, take leadership and decide quickly, similar to the test.

I hold the following certifications: CISSP, GICSP, ISO27000 LI, CISM, CCSK. The C|CISO is the only certification which targets the CISO role. The CISSP is quite technical, but not that deep into the different areas. Other certifications, such as CISM, ISO27000LE, GICSP, and CCSK dig deeper into various parts of security management or the management task itself. Many of the other certifications often explain the pros/cons about having a central controlled security program versus a de-central program – without really explaining what this means. The C|CISO certification, however, is the only education, at least that is how I see it, that targets program management, security program management, business cases, stakeholder management, organization, and so forth. Therefore, the certification is brilliant when it comes to consultants that deliver CISO-as-a-Services or who deal with global operating companies as they often have quite a complex security program with many local or regional regulations to comply with. The C|CISO program, with its focus on the many different standards, has helped me in understanding large complex companies better. Because of this, the door to CISO roles in large multinational companies is now within reach.

The C|CISO program has helped me in creating better security programs as now I often find myself creating more than one security program. Today, we not only have the security program for the administrative part of the company, also the factory security now has its own security program. Regions, such as EU or the USA also quite soon will have its own program as it otherwise becomes too difficult, meaning expensive, to cover in one program.

Lars HviidNNIIT, Senior IT Security Architect
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Sushanth Sadanand K.

I am one of the first Batch of CCIOS certified professionals. I have gone through the entire CCISO program which now directly relates to my current / previous job functions. CCISO Body of Knowledge will truly prepare me for a role as a leader in InfoSec filed. I am confident that I will be using almost everything I learned in the CCISO program. I am glad and CCISO is Great certification program for information security executives.

Sushanth Sadanand K.Executive Program Head, Global BFSI Regulatory Compliance & CISO Cyber Security Strategist, GTS
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Robert Gatlin

The CCISO Program will help me in understanding the importance of aligning the Engineering and Security governance structures more closely. The program supports my career goals by increasing my understanding that the CISO goals and objectives should be aligned with those of the organization. The instructor was great!

Robert GatlinIT Specialist/INFOSEC, Dept of Homeland Security
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Antwan Banks

The CCISO program will improve my ability to translate technical security issues to none technical leaders. My next career goal is to become CISO in a medium to larger organization. The CCISO program is absolutely in line with my career plans. The best part of the class was the information exchange with the other students.

Antwan BanksCyber Security Consultant, MARTRA
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Peter Williams

I consider the CCISO Program to be a logical information building block to my CISM and CRISC. The perspective at the CISO level is important to understand in my current position. My career goal is to continue supporting the DoD CIO and I needed to understand this perspective on information security to better support my support of the DoD CIO.

Peter WilliamsBooz Allen Hamilton
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Sr. Cyber Security Engineer

The CCISO program certainly has and will continue to prepare me for my next position which I hope to be Sr. ISSO/Deputy CISO or CISO. The content is right on target as far as aligning to my goals. The best part of the class was my instructor, Mr. Keyaan Williams

Sr. Cyber Security EngineerBoecore Inc.
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Brad Senff

The content in the CCISO class will directly relate to my current role, as I hold the CISO role in my organization. I plan to continue to do what I am now, focusing more on the security aspect, and less on the Operations aspect. The class prepares me for program development and management. I enjoyed the networking, and hearing about security related issues and goals in the various industries represented at our training class.

Brad SenffDirector of IT Operations, AppointmentPlus
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Jaime Cifuentes

The content in the CCISO program has related to my current job already! Now that I have been at work for the last couple of days I have reached back into the materials and put it to use and seen it work! My career goal is to expand my level of influence. Perhaps speak to others and spread the security gospel. The knowledge I gained in the CCISO program added to my philosophy. I already understood the need for security, the “how” to secure things but I lacked the business language and “C” level perspective. I think I have a better handle on that language now. The best part of the class was the business perspective.

Jaime CifuentesIT Director, UAB Huntsville
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Richard Doty

The CCISO training program aligns nicely with my upcoming job. My next career goal is a Senior leadership role in security and the program supports that goal very well. The information provided by the instructor was the best part. He was excellent.

Richard DotyCyber Operations Program Manager, ActioNet, Inc.
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Isiah Jones

The content in the CCISO Program will help me position myself for more senior positions in my current and future organizations. It will also help me continue to advance myself in the community as a trusted advisor who as seen as more than just technical. My next career goal is to move into Senior Level (SL), Senior Advisor, Principle Security Architect/Engineer, Deputy Director, Deputy CISO and other senior level positions within the community. I’d also like to server as a Cybersecurity and Risk Management member of a board of directors. The program will give me more of an executive toolkit that I can use to improve my consideration for those senior roles and in those senior circles. It will certainly help me stand out to board of directors and senior officials as the certification and the program catches on globally. The collaboration with the peers in my class and Keyaan as our instructor were the best parts of the class. Also Glen’s (EC-Council representative) customer service with getting me in on short notice.

Isiah JonesCybersecurity Specialist, Risk Mitigation Consulting (RMC)

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