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Applicants may prepare for the CCISO Exam via the following:

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    In-Person Training

    Upcoming Training Events:

    Global CISO Forum – Atlanta, GA – Training: September 13th – 16th – Register Here

    Training in Malaysia

    Training in South Africa

    Training in Netherlands

    Training in Egypt

    EC-Council can bring a turn-key training solution to your location. Call for a quote 1-888-330-HACK

    • Official Courseware
    • Certification Exam Voucher
    • Test Pass Guarantee
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    Live, Online, Instructor-Led Training

    The Live Online option is a remote, instructor-led class students can take from their own locations. Classes run 8AM – 5PM EST and students can interact with the instructor, asking questions and getting feedback.

    Training Includes:

    • Official Courseware
    • Certification Exam Voucher


    The instructor for the two Live Online classes coming up is Juan Gomez-Sanchez, Principal, World Wide Technology and C|CISO Exam Writing Committee Member with decades of experience in the industry.

    Upcoming Live, Online

    08/24/15 – 08/27/15
    8:00 am – 4:00 pm Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)
    EC-Council iClass Live Online (iWeek), ONLINE Your Location

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    Online Training

    Completing online training via EC-Council’s iClass platform. Online CCISO training consists of 5 classes, one for each Domain. Individual domains may be purchased to fill in gaps in experience, or all five CCISO Domain Modules may be purchased for a discount. Each Domain class will consist of method, policy, and theory with an emphasis on executive leadership. All CCISO classes will be available through EC-Council’s iClass platform. CCISO candidates who are exempt from some or all of the Domain training may still take any CCISO class that they would like.

    Live, Online, Instructor-led Client-site iLearn (Self-Paced) Courseware Only (Self-Study)
    $3,299 TBD $2,199 $350
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    Self Study

    CCISO Applicants who are approved to sit for the exam without attending training can purchase the CCISO Body of Knowledge which covers all 5 Domains in order to prepare for the exam

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    Courseware Only
    This option is available to individuals who possess the requisite Information Security Management experience. Self study candidates must submit the Exam Eligibility application proving they have at least five years of experience in each of the five C|CISO domains. Exam Eligibility Application

    iLearn Self-Paced Online Security Management Training
    iLearn is EC Council’s facilitated self-paced option. Facilitated in that all of the same modules taught in the live course are recorded and presented in a streaming video format. Self-paced in that a certification candidate can set their own learning pace by pausing the lectures and returning to their studies as their schedule permits!

CCISO ONLINE Training Preview
Meet the Instructor

iClass Demo

Q&A with Todd Fitzgerald

CCISO First Look
For a preview of what is covered in the full class, both live and online watch the CCISO First Look webinar! Leading the webinar is Juan Gomez-Sanchez one of the CCISO Advisory Board Members responsible for designing much of the content covered in the CCISO Program.

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