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CCISO Training & Study Options

Applicants may prepare for the CCISO Exam via the following:

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    2. Online Training

    Completing online training via EC-Council’s iClass platform. More information may be found here. Online CCISO training consists of 5 classes, one for each Domain. Individual domains may be purchased to fill in gaps in experience, or all five CCISO Domain Modules may be purchased for a discount. Each Domain class will consist of method, policy, and theory with an emphasis on executive leadership. All CCISO classes will be available through EC-Council’s iClass platform. CCISO candidates who are exempt from some or all of the Domain training may still take any CCISO class that they would like.

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    3. Self Study

    CCISO Applicants who are approved to sit for the exam without attending training can purchase the CCISO Body of Knowledge which covers all 5 Domains in order to prepare for the exam

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Training Options
CCISO First Look
For a preview of what is covered in the full class, both live and online watch the CCISO First Look webinar! Leading the webinar is Juan Gomez-Sanchez one of the CCISO Advisory Board Members responsible for designing much of the content covered in the CCISO Program.

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